spinning on college radio: “Liked their sound a lot!” WOUB Athens, OH                  “Really into it!” WCNI New London, CT  “Digging the sound!” WXVU Villanova, PA “Sounds Great!” WMUL Huntington, WV  “Getting into it!” KBGA Missoula, MT

87 is an indie rock band. We like to think of ourselves as somewhat unique and a bit weird. One of our 2 singers is a female drummer who sometime sings in Japanese and other times adds vocals that are sort of ethereal humming.

We played our first gig in a little pub in San Francisco on March 24, 2015. Then we made an eponymously titled Lo-fi EP at home that got some pretty decent college radio play.

On Christmas Day 2016 we started recording a second EP with acclaimed indie rocker and producer John Vanderslice. It was recorded and mixed in 5 days using analog tape with the main tracks recorded live in studio. This album was played on well over 100 college, community and U.K. radio stations.

The success of the EP “Christmas with Mr. Vanderslice” led to many SF and touring gigs including the famous SF venue Bottom of the Hill and 2 gigs during SXSW in Austin, Texas.

In March 2017, we moved to Portland, Oregon and hope to make a mark on it’s thriving music scene.

To celebrate our move to Portland, we made an EP at Jackpot! Recording Studio with acclaimed producer Larry Crane!

Crane Songs

#87band #LarryCrane #KanyeWest #KeanuReeves #JackpotRecordingStudio


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